What is transcending?

Transcendental Meditation (TM) allows you to naturally and spontaneously transcend – to dive inward beyond thought, to experience the most peaceful, settled state of mind and body, described as restful alertness, or pure awareness. The deep inner rest experienced during the process of transcending has immediate and long lasting benefits for the individual.more

Categories of meditation technique

Categories of meditation technique

Other kinds of meditation typically involve either contemplation, concentration, watching your thoughts or focusing on your breath or other sensation. In contrast, Transcendental Meditation is a unique, technique that allows your mind to settle down effortlessly ... more

Scientific research

Hundreds of research studies show that Transcendental Meditation produces a range of benefits not found with other techniques. Comparative studies show TM to be the most effective technique for reducing stress and anxiety, gaining inner calm, normalising blood pressure, and promoting self-actualisation. more

video: The Transcending Brain

Dr Fred Travis, Director, Center for Brain, Consciousness and Cognition: "The Transcending Brain" (6 mins)

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Jonathan Rowson, British Chess champion

Jonathan Rowson, British Chess champion:

"After meditating I feel calm, centred and ready to compete - but, more importantly, the technique allows me to 'just play'."

Jonathan Shear PhD

Jonathan Shear PhD, Professor of Philosophy, Virginia Commonwealth University:

"Meditations differ in both their ingredients and their effects, just as medicines do. Lumping them all together as 'essentially the same' is simply a mistake."